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I’m a digital marketing consultant with 29 years of experience.


I don’t take on every project. But, I do produce results for projects I accept.

Call me today to discuss your brand’s social media strategy development, campaign management, an ongoing consulting retainer, or your company’s marketing training needs.


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“Over the past 16 months, you have helped us engage our target audience through social media, blog posts, press releases, and an amazing introduction video.

“The video was instrumental to our acquisition. Without a single word, we were able to connect with the audience, convey an important message, and give a call to action.

“Using Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook was instrumental to our “courting” the company that acquired us. You give us the ability to market specific messages to them without looking like we were addressing them specifically.

“You significantly increased our brand awareness and helped our company to get recognized as a leading new technology in air purification.”

An air purification startup company

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“We engaged Red Drop Digital to handle our Search, Social and Content Marketing in the B2B market for software tools that enhance sales performance. We have been extremely pleased with both the efforts and the results we are seeing.

“Michael Herman, the founder, stays engaged and proactively makes suggestions on things he sees and thinks we could or should be doing; he is not simply reactive to our direction. In that sense, he is more like an extension of our Marketing team.

“We view Red Drop Digital as a partner, not just another vendor. I can highly recommend him to businesses looking for a knowledgeable and forward-thinking digital marketing partner.”

A sales industry startup company

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“Red Drop Digital’s Michael Herman was hired by our company to perform SEO, Content Strategy, Content Marketing, and Digital Marking consultation services. Not only did he provide these services exceptionally well, but he worked with us individually to make sure we were optimizing our company’s marketing department.

“He has continued to work with us, even after his contract was fulfilled, providing insight and answering questions.

“Michael Herman and Red Drop Digital are an invaluable and knowledgeable resource for any company or individual looking to enhance their online presence.”

A leading national construction company



Some of the Brands I’ve Served: