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Does a contract proposal you’ve been given by an SEO company contain RED FLAGS red flag 18x18 that will cost you money in the near future or somewhere down the road? How do you know?

You may have been burned by a bad SEO contract in the past. If you have, you are certainly not alone. It’s incredibly prevalent in the marketing industry. Sometimes it only takes some direction on how to turn a bum contract proposal into one that’s truly beneficial to your brand.

We are a small business consultancy that hates seeing small businesses, or businesses of any size, hurt by signing SEO contracts they should not sign. Because of this, we offer a service to review contracts you have from SEO companies.

The review helps you understand:

    • Items that should not be in the contract and can cost or harm your brand
    • Items that should be in the contract but are missing, leaving your brand open to harm or wasted money
    • Recommendations of where you should attempt to negotiate in the contract, to get the most for your investment

We only charge for our time to review the contract, create recommendations and to review it all with you over the phone. The flat rate is only $125.00/contract, which is well worth the confidence gained to sign the right contract for your business, saving hundreds or thousands of dollars in the process.

Call or email your contract proposal(s) today. We’ll reply with a simple agreement allowing us to get started. Let our experience help you shine in your company…


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