Brand Reputation Management

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“Your brand is only as good as your reputation.”
— Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Group


First off, what is Online Reputation Management (ORM)?

“A deliberate effort to increase the number of positive internet discussions about you, while limiting the damage of any negative ones.” [source]

The second best time to fix a hit to your brand’s reputation is after the damage occurs. The best time to solidify your brand’s digital presence against such a hit is to do something about it today.

Executing effective ORM encompasses many strategies and tactics:

    • Social Media Best Practices:Regular, active, appropriate posting on social sites where your audience congregates (with a consistent, appropriate voice)
    • Social Listening: Tracking social conversations about your company, brand, products and your prominent employees
    • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): This gets your site pages, with your preferred messaging, in front of your audience more often
    • SERP 1 Ownership: Owning as many listings as possible on page 1 of search engine results pages
    • Third-Party Opportunities: Claiming pages created in directories across the Web for your site
    • Be Helpful/Useful: One of the best ways to gain increasing amounts of positive sentiment for your brand is to create useful content that meets the felt needs of users within various segments of your target audience
    • Use Effective Public Relations Practices: A strong PR staff will have strong proactive and reactive plans coinciding with your brand’s Content Strategy, Content Creation and Content Marketing efforts
    • Have a Comprehensive Crisis Management Plan: Know how specific members of your organization will react during various levels of crisis events


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